Regional Mexican Music Beauty Mar Garcia Launches Her Latest Song 'La Mala' LOS ANGELES, CA — May 24, 2022 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — Mar Garcia returns once again to the acclaimed Mexican Regional scene to thrill her fans with another of her great hits. Her new single, “La Mala”, is distributed by Trevino Music Group / INGROOVES. The song was written by Ericka Vidrio and produced by Studio Chiapas. The music video was produced by Reyna Trevino and directed by OGROME. The makeup was created by Cassandra Gracia. The symbology involved in the musical/video plot focuses on dysfunctional sentimental relationships that are based on the syndrome of narcissism, the destroyer of couples. After going through infidelity, lies, humiliation, manipulation, and psychological abuse by her partner, Mar decides to take revenge, becoming a bad, empowered, and unscrupulous woman of her story.

Originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mar developed a great passion and enthusiasm for the art of music at the age of 7. Listening to tunes on the radio, she knew for sure that she was born to succeed as an international singing artist. Mar made her debut as a professional singer when one of her first singles titled “Pobrecito” took her on a promotional tour to different parts of Mexico. She performed in shows and made appearances in media outlets (television, radio, press) and was called "La Chica Sexy" by the number one station of Monterrey, 93.3 FM.

In her 20s, Mar García decided to move to Texas, where fate would once again give her the opportunity to continue fulfilling her dreams as a singer, by winning the Miss Latin Beauty pageant and being a host on Estrella TV. Thanks to these triumphs, many doors were opened for her career as a singer. After being a finalist in the show Tengo Talento in Hollywood, she emigrated to the big city of Los Angeles.

During her first months there, Mar was part of the famous Colombian tropical music group Sonora Dinamita. She was offered a contract and to record an album. Being recognized as an individual music artist was always Mar's goal, so she rejected the contract. Shortly after launching as a solo artist and beginning to record her album “Enfurecida”, she decided to compete in the musical reality show La Academia, ending up as a finalist and exploring the world of cinematography, filming more than 50 movies.

Mar García has been chasing her dreams for 12 years. In the near future, Mar sees herself performing and triumphing in Latin America and the US as a great singer and actress. She identifies her style as “grupero/pop” and says that her singing style is versatile. She stands out singing: cumbia, accordion, romantic, bolero, mariachi, band, sound, and orchestra. Mar Garcia adds, "I'm very passionate, I have no limits on music genres and on what they ask me to sing."

In the past few months, Mar has prepared herself mentally, physically and spiritually to start her 2022 international music tour. One of the goals that keeps her motivated, is to provide academic musical education to new generations.


New Single "La Mala"

Regional Mexican Music Beauty Mar Garcia Launches Her Latest Song ‘La Mala’

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