NesV Releases New Single “Los Ojos No Mienten” via Trevino Music Group/Ingrooves

Nowadays, with a wide variety of multi-talented artists dropping new hits constantly in the current Latin urban boom, it is undoubtedly an enormous task to stay on listeners’ radar and, most importantly, secure a permanent spot in the Latin hall of fame.  The new single, “Los Ojos No Mienten,” gets the singer-songwriter one step closer to becoming part of the Latin music royalty. The single is set to drop on August 9th via Trevino Music Group/Ingrooves, along with a music video now available on all video platforms.  It was written by NesV and produced by Nato/MixedByMarv/Kawasi. NesV adds, “In the music video,
I wanted to show what the song made me feel dark also indescribable internal freedom. The dark rooms signify being scared of being open about my feelings and the lights poking out throughout the video convey freedom and truth”.


NesV has accomplished to stand out among other talented artists by meticulously choosing unique beats and musical structures and adding his artistic essence to his music.  The fruit lies not far from the tree. NesV was organically influenced by growing up around a musically inclined family. He has Aunts who are singers and Uncles who play instruments and have been on tour throughout Mexico. His Mom used to also sing all around their home as a child. “My family is filled with musical talent. I’m just another family tree talent with dreams and inspirations to share it with the world.”

He is fully committed to becoming a full-time professional musician, headlining his shows/tours, and establishing a clothing line to help his community. This will be manifested by his hard work, desire to become a philanthropist, massive passion for music, and everything else prolific musicians require to succeed in the uneasy discographic industry.

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"Los Ojos No Mienten"

NesV Releases New Single “Los Ojos No Mienten” via Trevino Music Group/Ingrooves

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